Soundscape studies and methods book

edited by Helmi Järviluoma & Gregg Wagstaff
Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology Publ. 9 University of Turku Department of Art, Literature and Music, Series A 51 Helsinki 2002.

This collection of essays, edited by Helmi Järviluoma and Gregg Wagstaff, will be essential to anyone interested in the sonic environment. A growing ecological awareness in the later half of the 20th century has given rise to a widening concern for the state of our soundscapes. The last few years have witnessed promising developments in soundscape studies, and this book is the first collection to focus upon soundscape research methods.

The contributers to this volume form an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers, from Architecture, Ethnomusicology, Sonic Art, (Time) Geography, Biology, Sociology and Urban planning. "These studies of the acoustic order provide models of a rich cultural phenomenology which promises to renovate the stale hermeneutics of much recent cultural theory." – Bruce Johnson, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales

  • Helmi Järviluoma and Gregg Wagstaff: Soundscape Studies and Methods - An Introduction 
  • Albert Mayr: Soundscape Studies, Experimental Music, and Time Geography
  • Keiko Torigoe: A City Traced by Soundscape 
  • Björn Hellström: The Sonic Identity of European Cities. A presentation of the work conducted by the Swiss-French researcher Pascal Amphoux
  • Nicolas Tixier: Street Listening: A Characterisation of the Sound Environment: The "qualified listening in motion" method 
  • Per Hedfors and Per G. Berg: Site Interpretation by Skilled Listeners. Methods for Communicating Soundscapes in Landscape Architecture and Planning 
  • Gregg Wagstaff: Towards a Social Ecological Soundscape 
  • Justin Winkler: Rhytmicity 
  • Noora Vikman: Looking for a 'Right Method' - Approaching Beyond 
  • Heikki Uimonen: You don't hear anything 'round here! Cognitive Maps and Auditory Perception
  • Detlev Ipsen: The Urban Nightingale - or some theoretical considerations about sound and noise 

Helmi Järviluoma is Docent and Lecturer of Musicology at University of Turku, Department of Art, Literature and Music, Finland.

Gregg Wagstaff is a freelance sound designer and soundscape researcher, currently heading the Touring Exhibition of Sound Environments, a community based and ecologically oriented arts project.

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