International conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology: "Ideologies and ethics in the uses and abuses of sound"

Koli, Finland
June 16-19, 2010

Conference program & sessions (pdf)

Two radio podcasts from Koli by Thomas Burkhalter:
Ueber Geräusche die Welt deuten & Zwischen Krach und Stille

Soundwalk "National soundscape" by Pessi Parviainen

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Keynote panel II. Chair: Professor Kozo Hiramatsu
- Prof. Anahid Kassabian (Univ. of Liverpool): Ubiquitous musics and distributed subjectivity: affect, attention and listening

Keynote panel discussion III. Chair Dr, composer R. Murray Schafer.
Five Village Soundscapes – Acoustic Environments in Change from 1970s to 21st century.
- Professor, composer Barry Truax (Simon Fraser Univ.): The specific model of the Acoustic Community and the 1975 Five Village Soundscapes
- Composer Hildegard Westerkamp: Listening to recordings - Five Village Soundcapes imagined
- Professor Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Studying change and non-change in European villages
- University lecturer Noora Vikman (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Cembra all around the world
- Researcher Heikki Uimonen (Univ. of Tampere): Last of the Blacksmiths - The diverse pasts of Scottish village of Dollar

Concluding Panel VI. Chair: Composer Hildegard Westerkamp
- Keynote: Ass. Prof. Andra McCartney (Concordia University): Ethical questions about working with soundscapes
- Concluding remarks by Prof. Barry Truax.

Individual presentations

Simo Alitalo: Planes, (no trains) and automobiles: ethics of recording
Kirsti Allik & Robert Mulder: The commodification of aural space: issues of sound and silence in Frontenac provincial park
Nick Antonio: Synergies between acoustic professionals: why we need to talk
Seth Ayyaz: Reconfiguring the Islamic sonic-social: The Bird Ghost At The Zaouia
Sabine Breitsameter: Listening – come hell or high water: aspects of violating aural autonomy
Nikos Bubaris: The silence effect: turning up the experience of film sound
Thomas Burkhalter: War concrète: Strategic responses to warfare in Beirut
Isabelle Delmotte: The soundscapes of Noise: ethics of production and cinema sound design
John Levack Drewer: “What would you like your city to sound like?”: ideological and ethical musings on urban soundscape design
Mikael Eriksson & Kimmo Modig: What a peaceful sound! - creating trouble between sound and ethics
Marisa Trench Fonterrada: Sound in myths and legends – a contribution for the study of the role of sounds for human beings
Nigel Frayne: Applying the philosophy of Acoustic Ecology to the creative sound design process in zoos and aquariums
Nicolai Graakjaer: Sounding out the shop – on music in commercial settings
Nina Gram: The iPod user: a contemporary auditory flâneur?
Jenny Olivia Johnson: Hearing is knowing, remembering is forgetting: memory, trauma, and the ethics of listening to childhood sexual abuse in Bunita Marcus’s “The Rugmaker” and Andra McCartney’s “Learning to Walk”
Laura Kaljunen & Juhana Venäläinen: Dialectics of an (in)audible wilderness - The meaningful sounds of nature and its uses in Ilomantsi
Olli-Taavetti Kankkunen: Listening to the sonic environment – Implications for music education
Outi Kautonen & Ari Koivumäki: Soundscape stories and routes in Pirkanmaa
Jeffrey Kittay: The best seat in the house: exploring the principles of design for the sound of the everyday
Meri Kytö: Sonic building blocks of Kuzguncuk community
Eric Leonardson: Tourists in the soundscape, acoustic ecology in Chicago
Anthony Magen & Michael Fowler: Soniferous city: auditory awareness in landscape architecture
Johannes Müske: Soundscapes as “local ideologies” – the case of the Flensburg harbour soundscape
Atsushi Nishimura: The significance of local participation and local initiative in soundscape design
E. Sirin Özgün: Challenging sounds: transforming the soundscape of Istanbul
Panayotis Panopoulos: Saving silence, finding your voice: sound ideologies of New Age
David Paquette: From soundscape to sonic place: listening in the environment
Andrea Polli: Airspace Antarctica
Bernd Rohrmann: Impacts of intense music soundscapes on people's communication in public
Scott Smallwood & Stephan Moore: Receiver: exploring soundscape through radio composition and audience improvisation
Charles Stankievech: Acoustic spatialisation of subjectivity: headphones, space and sound art
Keiko Torigoe: The Japanese hot spring soundscape
Kyoko Tsujimoto: Transferring sounds and layering auditory culture in East Asian cities: from the field of Dragon and Lion Dance of Hong Kong
Barry Truax: Interacting with inner and outer sonic complexity: from microsound to soundscape composition
Jacqueline Waldock: Liverpool soundscape: a discussion of the issues facing researchers in a changing urban environment
Noora Vikman: Surprising silence: modification processes of soundscape
Suzi Wiseman: Captive animals in an urban zoo soundscape
Yi Yuan: The ways of thinking about hearing in Buddhism - study on Surangama sutra