New CD: Soundscape stories from Finland out now!

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Soundscape Stories from Finland is a CD containing recordings from Finnish sonic environments. The CD comes with a booklet which has a description of each track in English. These recordings are a selection from the archives of the project "One Hundred Finnish Soundscapes" in which written descriptions of meaningful sound environments were collected and then recorded together with an interview with the proposer.

This collection contains both urban atmospheres and sonic memories as well as more rare sounds which due to cultural and infrastructural changes are in danger of disappearance. Take a sonic journey travelling through all four seasons from the capital city Helsinki to northern Lapland. Visit a ski jumping competition and the carpet washers by the sea. Hear the snow tumbling down in silence of the forest, school children sing the Summer hymn and finally sit down to enjoy the sauna.

The CD is produced in collaboration between TAMK University of Applied Sciences and the Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology.

Track listing:
1. Elk hunting in Suomussalmi
2. In a billiard hall in Turku
3. Reindeer round-up in Inari
4. Parolannummi garrison
5. The declaration of Christmas peace, Turku
6. Snowplough at the break of dawn
7. The silence of Puolanka
8. Ski jumping competition at Salpausselkä, Lahti
9. The viskuumasiina at Suonenjoki
10. Spring birds at Kaunissaari, Eurajoki
11. Suvivirsi (the Summer hymn)
12. The Lehtimato tram
13. Motorbikes at Kuusankoski
14. Washing carpets at the pier
15. Steamship Tarjanne talking off, Tampere
16. Skateboarding at Eliel square, Helsinki
17. Ehtookellot at Laajasalo district, Helsinki
18. In the sauna